Past Shooters Club

During the years of the One Shot Antelope Hunt’s existence, many people of notoriety have participated as team members. These participants of the One Shot Antelope Hunt enjoyed the continuing camaraderie and competition with their fellow shooters. Many past hunters choose to return year after year to renew old friendships, develop new ones, and enjoy the activities of the One Shot Antelope Hunt.

By 1955, a sufficient number of Past Shooters were interested in developing their own club. The Organizational meeting was held September 2, 1955. Harrison Johnson was elected President and George Case, of Lander, Secretary-Treasurer. This position was later changed to Executive Vice President and is always held by a Lander Past Shooter.

The Clubs mission, then and now, is “to aid and assist the Lander One Shot Hunt Club… cooperate with and assist in wildlife management and preservation… to foster and perpetuate reasonable and controlled hunting of such wildlife in accordance with good sportsman like practices and hunting procedures… to encourage and demonstrate good sportsmanship in the hunting of wild game.”

By 1963, the organization had become large enough and ambitious enough to be established as a non-profit Wyoming corporation. There are twelve Directors serving three year terms – with four Directors elected at each annual meeting in September. The President of the Past Shooters Club serves a two year term. The Club’s membership is  composed of Past Shooters of the One Shot Antelope Hunt and is limited to those who participated as a team member or alternate.

In 1979, the Wyoming legislature granted the One Shot Antelope Hunt Club a percentage of antelope licenses from the Wyoming Game & Fish to be used in the areas around Lander. Licenses not needed by the One Shot Antelope Hunt Team Members are made available to Past Shooters and their guests.